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One Source Prime is a bulk pricing model designed to reduce product costs to any customer that can purchase ½ or a full semi-trailer load of One Source Prime supplier participant products that are delivered directly from the One Source Prime warehouse in Richmond, Indiana to one funeral professional customer location. One Source Prime prices are very low making rebate and discount gimmicks unnecessary in order for you to get the best possible pricing. One Source Prime expects to expand product offerings to increasingly save you money.

Funeral homes, traditional casket distributors, cremation supply companies, crematories, cremation societies, cooperative buying groups, and consolidators are examples of our growing customer base.   We do not sell retail.

First, call one of our Customer Service staff at (833) 871-4677 for rapid answers to your questions. A customer application will be provided to establish an account and determine your terms.  Open credit is typically established within ten days of application. Payment terms: Net 30 Days of shipping; All major credit cards are also accepted.

Of course the best savings and fastest delivery is by ordering a full trailer load.  Even so, similar savings can be had by two or more funeral service providers coordinating one trailer together so long as one customer pays for each ½ load.   If you think this might be possible, let us know and we will help make it happen.  And whether you order a full trailer for yourself or share a trailer with another, One Source Prime’s Customer Service Team will help assist in maximizing both floor and cube space so as to ensure you save the most money possible.

When you place your order our customer service team we will help you mix and match to meet your needs at the lowest possible cost.   And in order to optimize the floor and cube space of the semi-trailer, it is better to select wood and cloth covered caskets first and then add ‘lightweight’ cremation products to fill out cube space above and adjacent to your burial and ceremonial rental caskets.  Our customer service team will help you reach the goal of filling all of the floor and cube space which will save you the most money in shipping costs.

Orders typically ship from Richmond, Indiana within two to three weeks depending on product mix. One Source Prime will coordinate with you the scheduled delivery date and time so you can plan.   One Source Prime suppliers are all in the USA and operate and ship all year round.  All pricing is FOB Richmond, Indiana, plus shipping and handling.

The One Source Prime Customer Service Team will do everything possible to ensure that you get what you ordered each and every time.

A semi-trailer is typically 8 feet wide by nine feet tall and 53 feet long which is 424 square feet of floor space and 3,816 of cube space (imagine the inside space of a typical residential single car garage for a half trailer and a two car garage for a full trailer).  Product mix may affect the size of area needed.  Storage area should be humidity controlled to keep hardwood caskets in their best condition.

Shipping methods and charges vary – each order is different.  Orders are priced FOB Richmond, Indiana with shipping charges listed as a separate freight item on the invoice.  All freight companies used by One Source Prime are among the nation’s most competitive and fastest no-damage delivery services.  To keep shipping costs low we use casket delivery trucks operated by One Source Prime supplier participants when possible and carefully screened commercial tractor-trailer freight companies otherwise.  If casket blankets are used, these are removed at the time of delivery (where inspection of the products must be done before accepting delivery) and are returned to the trailers.  All products may be packaged in cartons or wrapped (cartons and wrapped items can be inspected for damage at the time of unloading and before signing off and accepting delivery).  All packaging that is not returned to the trailer can be either easily recycled or disposed of locally.   One Source Prime is not responsible for any carrier service failure or delay.

Yes so long as the order cubes out the 26 foot box truck – those doing their own pickups are achieving the greatest savings.  Some customers can fly into Dayton, Indianapolis, Columbus or Cincinnati, rent a truck, and save hundreds or even thousands of net delivery dollars.   Protective blankets are available for purchase in the One Source Prime Catalog.

Our products are packaged with care in such a way as to keep them safe during transit. Generally, most damage occurs when products are loaded or unloaded. The inside floor of a standard semi-trailer is 4’ above ground and lift gates are extremely rare. Yet because the $ savings are so great, our One Source Prime customers either find access to a standard 4’ high receiving dock or unload the trailer by hand. The commercial semi-trailer driver is not required to assist unless this service is pre-arranged with the contract carrier at additional charge to the customer (cost determined at time of making pre-arrangement). Some One Source Prime customers own or borrow a lift truck to unload palleted products. Use of a 4’ high commercial receiving dock and a lift truck or low cost pallet jack is preferred (pallet jacks are generally available from local building supply retailers).

A. All products must be handled gently (if in blankets, drivers will assist with unpacking.  If in boxes, remember DO NOT walk on top or sides of boxed or wrapped products).

B. Avoid dropping caskets and containers. Dropping caskets and containers almost always results in damage. Damage can be caused by dropping from a few inches. Damage from dropping can result in cracked or loosened components. Good casket and container handling includes using casket carts, dollies and stands which are available for purchase in the One Source Prime catalog. Never use a lift truck to move a casket.

C. Caskets should not be stacked. In most cases caskets are shipped upright head-end up just as storage should be in most cases upright head-end up.

One Source Prime has almost zero damage history.   Should any damage occur in transit, claims must be made at the time of inspection and it is your responsibility to inspect all products and immediately report any damages to driver and record damage on the bill of lading before signing.   In addition, you must report a claim to a member of the One Source Prime Customer Service Team the same or following business day for fast resolution.  It will be necessary to also send a digital or hard copy photograph clearly showing the damage. Sometimes there may be hidden damage and any product accepted by the customer will not receive credit on any product more than 30 days after receipt.   No returns without prior authorization and no returns after 30 days of receiving.   Returns may result in a restocking fee and no original shipping costs will be refunded (you are responsible for shipping a return back to One Source Prime including any return shipping costs).

Yes.  And while we do our best to reduce packaging materials and costs, we want to eliminate risk of damage and still provide our customers the best packaging for both safe shipment and warehouse storage. Good packaging also speeds up unloading of the trailer which saves time and money.  And although any casket blankets must be returned to the trailer, other packaging can be either easily recycled or disposed of locally.

If you don’t already have special funeral related moving and warehousing equipment for making best use of your storage space, casket blankets (especially if you do the pickup yourself) casket dollies (for moving caskets within a warehouse) and casket stands (for storing caskets vertically) are available and can be purchased through One Source Prime and added to your initial order – just ask the One Source Prime Customer Service Team for information.

Most One Source Prime catalog/on-line products are available in full couch and in most cases require additional lead-time.

Since all One Source Prime suppliers are all in the USA, call the One Source Prime Customer Service Team to see if the product can be added last minute.

There are at least two solutions: 1) Buy from your local distributor and depending on their inventory receive delivery faster at their price, or 2) Offer family/funeral consumer an upgraded unit from your current inventory.

Yes – Photos can be downloaded for self-printing from the One Source Prime website and/or can be express mailed to you on photo quality paper upon request.  Display cut pricing will vary by product.

Certainly.  Supporting funeral service customers is what One Source Prime is all about. In addition to the underlying liability insurance for defects and product failures as provided by each of the One Source Prime supplier participants, One Source Prime itself protects you with additional blanket insurance coverage in excess of $3,000,000.  For claims, please contact a member of the Customer Service Team as soon as is reasonably possible.

All current One Source Prime Products are made in the USA by family owned companies.

We know from experience that One Source Prime is the only way to dramatically reduce your product costs year after year. Because our One Source Prime customers buy in bulk, the delivered prices are the lowest possible.

Typically there is a mix of 55 hardwood and cloth covered caskets in one half 53 foot long semi-trailer.  However there may be room for more product above and adjacent to these caskets.   The One Source Prime Customer Service Team will help you choose other products including cremation supplies to cube out your trailer for the best possible savings.


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