1. What is Vandor’s Distributor “Drop-Ship” Plan?  Vandor’s Distributor Drop-Ship Plan is a way for Vandor Distributors to increase their product offerings, geographic customer base, number of customers, and so boost sales and profits.
  2. How does Vandor’s Distributor “Drop-Ship Plan” work?     Vandor’s Distributor Drop-Ship Plan works by making it easy for Vandor funeral products to be delivered to a Distributor’s funeral customers by another delivery option other than by the Distributor’s usual white glove service.  The Vandor Distributor controls the funeral customer ordering and invoicing at the Distributor chosen pricing.  Vandor’s job is to ship to Distributor’s requirements and invoice the Distributor.   Drop-Ship Orders can be skidded and shipped LTL (Common Carrier) with lift-gate service and UPS for smaller orders. 
  3. Who qualifies for Vandor’s Distributor “Drop-Ship” Plan?  Approved Casket & Cremation supply companies, Casket Distributors and cooperative buying groups qualify for Vandor’s Distributor Drop-Ship Plan.  A simple application listing a Distributor’s company information and coverage areas is required for consideration.
  4. What are the payment options under the Vandor Distributor “Drop-Ship” Plan?  The Vandor Distributor Drop-Ship Plan payment options are the same as those a Distributor already has established or may establish with Vandor.
  5. Where can Vandor Distributors arrange for drop-shipments?  Distributors can arrange for Drop-Shipments to any funeral customer except for those in specific areas. More information available upon request.
  6. How do Vandor Distributors place a “Drop-Ship” order for its customers?  Distributors can place Drop-Ship orders by completing written instructions using Vandor’s Distributor Drop-Ship Order Forms. These Order Forms are available by calling 833-871-4677, faxing to 765-966-7677, downloading herevandorfuneralproducts.com/dropship or submitting by email orders@vandorfuneralproducts.com to Vandor’s Customer Service Team.  The Drop-ship Order Form requires completion of all information necessary to complete an order including funeral customer name, delivery address, detailed item info and quantities. Vandor’s Customer Service Team will then confirm order with freight and handling charges included.  Once we receive the emailed or faxed Drop-ship Order Form, the Distributor will either receive a call with questions to complete the Confirmation, or receive a written Confirmation by email or fax usually within 24 hours during normal business working hours. The Drop-ship Order Confirmation will include all product and shipping related charges. Once the Distributor checks the “approved” box on the Order Confirmation Form and sends it back, the Order will be scheduled for shipment.  Once the Order is shipped, Vandor will invoice Distributor the approved charges.  
  7. How are freight and handling charges determined for the Vandor Distributor “Drop-Ship” Plan?  Freight charges are based on the product mix and Freight is quoted using one of Vandor’s approved LTL Common Carrier companies such as Estes Express, Pitt Ohio, R+L Carrier and Saia and for smaller orders UPS.  Most LTL Common Carriers offer inside delivery service at an additional cost and the Drop-ship Order form will include a box to check approving of this additional charge if this is required.
  8. Are there any handling or other charges added on to Vandor’s Distributor “Drop-Ship” Plan?  Yes, there may be handling and other charges added to Drop-ship Orders.   Distributors are in control of these costs and no Drop-Ship Orders will be shipped and invoiced without express written approval from Distributor.   These handling and other charges will be included on all order confirmations and may include extra packaging, freight forwarding fees, oversize packaging, dunnage, tariffs, inside delivery charges, etc.
  9. Can Vandor Distributors choose their own freight carrier under the Vandor “Drop-Ship” Plan?  Yes, Distributors can make their own pick-up and delivery arrangements using third parties including common and contract carriers.   To do this a Distributor can check the “FOB Richmond” box on the Drop-Ship Order Form.  The Order Confirmation will include all necessary information for the Distributor to obtain its own freight quote from its preferred carrier (weight, dimension and freight classification). The Distributor can then return the Drop-ship Order Form indicating their preferred carrier and any additional delivery instructions by email or fax and a confirmation will be sent for approval. The Order will be processed once the Distributor emails or faxes back the “approval”. 
  10. What is the latest time in the day that a Vandor Distributor can place a Drop-Ship Order for “same day” shipping? All Distributor orders requesting same day shipping must be received and confirmed by 10:00 AM EST. To improve the chance of same day order processing it is recommended the order be emailed or faxed no later than 8:30 AM to allow time for preparing the shipment and determine freight estimate. Otherwise, all confirmed orders will ship within two business working days (they will usually ship the next business working day). Vandor’s shipping schedule is Monday thru Friday (no shipments made on weekends and scheduled Holidays). 
  11. What does a Vandor Distributor do if it needs to add product to an already confirmed and approved “Drop-Ship” Order?  To add product to a “confirmed” Drop-Ship Order, please call the Customer Service Team at 833-871-4677 to determine if the product can be added to already confirmed and in process Order. 
  12. Can a Vandor Distributor request a Next Day or RUSH delivery?  Yes, a Distributor can request a Next Day or RUSH Drop-Ship Order by emailing orders@vandorfuneralproducts.com or faxing the Drop-Ship Order Form to 765-966-7677 as early in the day as possible (preferably before 8:30 AM) and by checking the appropriate box on the Drop-ship Order Form.  Vandor’s Customer Service Team will do its best to process the Next Day or RUSH Order and will include any additional costs on the order confirmation (i.e. extra packaging, special delivery requirements, etc.).  Vandor cannot guaranty performance better than what the chosen freight company promises (most freight companies, both LTL (Common Carrier) and UPS, can expedite but do not actually “Guarantee” deliveries). 
  13. Recognizing products are different sizes, how can a Vandor Distributor know how many to order to fill a skid for a Drop-Shipment?  When your Drop-Ship order is received, Vandor’s Customer Service Team will optimize the skid to mix and match products to meet your needs at the lowest possible cost.   As a convenience to the Distributor and to create the best value shipment, the Drop-Ship Order Form will include a box to check for approval to add additional products in order to fill skids and as necessary Vandor’s Customer Service Team will contact you with any questions prior to sending the Order Confirmation. 
  14. Is there a skid quantity limit on what a Vandor Distributor can place on one Drop-Ship Order?  For LTL Common Carrier shipments, Drop-ship Orders are limited to four skids in one shipment, otherwise there will be extra “overlength” and/or “excessive volume” surcharges.  
  15. How long does it take for a Vandor Distributor’s funeral customer to receive a Drop-Ship order?  Once a Drop-ship order is confirmed, almost all orders will ship from Richmond, Indiana within one to two working days.  The Drop-ship Order confirmation will alert to the scheduled ship date, estimated delivery date*, carrier information and tracking number. All pricing is FOB Richmond, Indiana, plus shipping and handling. *Estimated delivery dates are not guaranteed and are subject to change without notice.
  16. Will there be backorders on Vandor Distributor Drop-Ship Orders?  The Vandor Customer Service Team will do everything possible to ensure that all confirmed Drop-ship Orders ship complete each and every time.  Vandor’s goal is to never backorder a confirmed and approved Drop-Ship Order.
  17. How are Vandor Distributor Drop-Ship Ordered products packaged and delivered?  Vandor Funeral products are carefully packed and skidded and thoroughly inspected before leaving Vandor in such a way as to keep them safe during transit. The freight Carrier upon acceptance of shipment assumes responsibility for safe delivery.  Generally, most damage occurs to cartons and/or wrappings when skidded products are unloaded (or trans-docked) by freight Carrier.   LTL Common Carriers are required to call the customer in advance to obtain an appointment day and time (the Drop-Ship Order Form will include a place to indicate both the Distributor and funeral customer phone contact numbers).  Unless the funeral customer has a 4’ dock level door and/or access to a fork lift, a lift-gate is needed for most Drop-ship Order deliveries.  Lift-gate deliveries are only required to be brought to ground level – any relocating of skid(s) into a garage or warehouse space is a kindness on behalf of the freight service and normally the Distributor’s receiving funeral customer will be required to move the product from the lift-gate into their facility without assistance from the trucking company.  Inside delivery service can be scheduled ahead of time at an extra cost (the Drop-Ship Order Form has a box that can be checked for this additional service). The customer’s receiving party is to inspect all packages and wrappings for damage at the time of unloading and should note it on the driver’s copy of the Delivery Receipt.   Loss or damage sustained during transit must be reported to the Distributor once delivery has been made (see below in #20 for more details).
  18. Is there extra packing material for Vandor Distributor Drop-Shipments?  Yes, there is extra packing material for Drop-Shipments. Drop-Ship Order Skids are made of wood and/or corrugated materials and stretch wrapped for added protection.  Additional packaging may be used depending on the product shipped. Where necessary packaging can be easily recycled or disposed of locally.   And while Vandor does its best to reduce packaging materials and costs, Vandor wants to eliminate risk of damage and still provide the Drop-Ship funeral customers of Distributors the best packaging for both safe shipment and storage.   Good packaging also speeds up unloading of the trailer which saves time and money. 
  19. How much space is needed for Vandor Distributor Drop-Ship product storage?  A standard skid of alternative cremation containers, ceremonial rental inserts and supply items (urns, rollers, etc.) are generally packaged on a 48” x 56” skid.  Most cremation containers and ceremonial rental inserts are shipped stood on end. Some products are shipped horizontally on 36” x 80” skids such as Ceremonial rental caskets, air trays, combo trays and immediate cremation containers. And in cases of large orders of a half truckload or more, some of these products (such as Mesa Oversize Caskets, Barnwood/Timber and other hardwood caskets) may be stood on end.  All Vandor funeral products can be removed from skids for storage in a garage, closet, etc. however many funeral customers prefer to use skids to protect product from ground moisture or for easy maneuverability using pallet jacks.  
  20. What about damaged goods on Vandor Distributor Drop-Ship orders?  All items must be inspected for damage at the time of delivery. Should any damage occur in transit, claims must be made at the time of inspection and it is the receiving customer’s responsibility to inspect all products and immediately report any damage to driver and record damage on the driver’s delivery receipt before signing acceptance of the shipment.   Your customer also has the right to refuse the shipment if they encounter obvious damage. In addition, your customer must contact you and not Starmark.  You can then relay the information to Vandor’s Customer Service Team the same or following business day for fast resolution and it may be necessary to also send a digital or hard copy photograph clearly showing the damage. Sometimes there may be hidden damage and any product accepted by the customer and not reported to you within a few days will not eligible for credit consideration. Credit consideration for ANY damaged merchandise will at a bare minimum require detailed information from Distributor.
  21. Can Vandor Distributors combine other suppliers’ products with Drop-Ship orders?   
    • No, if shipped on LTL Common Carrier service or UPS you cannot combine other suppliers’ products with Vandor Drop-ship Orders. 
    • Yes, if for larger shipments (full or half semi-trailer loads) you can combine other suppliers’ products with Vandor Drop-Ship Orders   These full or half semi-trailer load shipments can be mixed with other funeral product providers coordinating one trailer together so long as the Distributor prepares one Drop-Ship Order Form that includes written instructions for combining shipments with the third party carriers and checks the Drop-ship Form box indicating that Distributor will pay for all freight including extra pick-up fees and any additional handling charges for non-Vandor products.    Distributors who want this option can let Vandor’s Customer Service Team know and they will help make it happen. Finally, when ordering a full or half semi-load shipment, Distributor can provide instructions on the Drop-ship Order Form for filler items (such as Safeways, Transporters and Rental Inserts, Urns, etc.) to maximize both floor and cube space so as to ensure freight cost per unit is the lowest possible. Note: Lift-gates are often available for half load (26’) trucks, but for standard full load (53’) semi-trailer lift gate availability is extremely rare. Drop-Shipping full or half semi-trailer load shipments can save significantly especially if the funeral customer can arrange to have access to a standard 4’ high receiving dock and low-cost pallet jack or be willing to unload the trailer by hand.  Some Distributors have funeral customers who own or borrow a lift truck to unload semi-trailers. Pallet jacks are generally available from local building supply retailers. 
  22. How big of a space does a Vandor Distributor’s Drop-Ship Funeral Customer need for a full or half semi-trailer load of Vandor Products?  For full (53’) to half (26’) truckload orders Vandor’s Customer Service Team will obtain freight quotes from commercial tractor-trailer freight companies. A full (53’) semi-trailer load will typically require about 424 square feet of floor space (about the space inside a typical two-car garage).  A half (26’) load will consume a single car garage space. Product mix may affect the size of area needed.  Industry standards recommend the storage area be humidity controlled to keep wood caskets (if applicable) in their best condition. Note: Most ½ truck orders are available with lift-gate service, availability for a standard full 53’ semi-trailer with lift-gate is extremely rare.  And commercial drivers are not required to assist unless this service is pre-arranged and approved at time of confirming the Drop-Ship Order with additional service charge added to the approved confirmed Order.  Consider coordinating two or more area Distributor funeral customers sharing in one Drop-Ship delivery.
  23. What is the Vandor Distributor policy for a Drop-Ship order cancellation?  Drop-Ship Orders may be cancelled at no charge prior to shipment of standard merchandise. If products have been shipped, shipping costs will not be refunded, plus, Distributors are responsible for charges incurred to ship products back to Vandor in Richmond, Indiana. Orders for Custom merchandise cannot be cancelled once the Drop-Ship Order confirmation is approved.
  24. Does Vandor carry liability insurance on all products sold to Vandor Distributors Including Drop-shipments?  Supporting funeral service customers is what Vandor is all about. In addition to standard product liability insurance, Vandor also protects you with additional blanket liability insurance coverage in excess of $3,000,000.  For claims, please contact a member of the Vandor Customer Service Team as soon as reasonably possible.  
  25. How does the Vandor Distributor “Drop-Ship” Plan protect the privacy of Vandor Distributors and their funeral customers?   Although Vandor affiliates offer a direct delivery service to many North American funeral providers, Vandor recognizes the importance of its Distributors and will not cause its affiliates to intentionally solicit to sell directly to any Vandor Distributor Drop-Ship customer.  Nonetheless, Vandor cannot refuse orders placed directly with it by any funeral home or crematory. 
  26. Where are Vandor Products made?  Nearly all Vandor Products are made or assembled in the USA.  


Disclaimer: The Vandor Distributor Drop-Ship Order Plan may be modified or terminated at any time. Certain restrictions may apply. 

Pricing: All prices are US Dollars and are subject to change without notice. 

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